28 February 2006

Twisted party in London

Twisted records is preparing a mega party on the 3rd of March 2006 in London, UK.

Room 1 - Twisted Psychedelic Trance :
LIVE : Hallucinogen : Younger Brother : Prometheus : Tristan
DJs : Dick Trevor (Jumanji/Dickster) : Ott (warm-up-set)

Room 2 - Backroom Beats Recordings :
LIVE : Western Rebel Alliance (Backroom Beat Recordings)
DJs : Youth (LSD/Dragonfly): Greg Hunter : Ed Bigland : Simon H (Twisted)

Room 3 - Liquid Records Upbeat Grooves :
Flexitones/Hi Fi Companions DJ Set by Merv (Twisted/Backroom Beats) : LIVE : Organismic (Liquid Records) :LIVE : Slack Baba (Liquid Records) : Graham Wood (The Infinity Project/Blowfish) : Agent Smith (aka DruminDan) :: Liquid Ross and Liquid Djems (Liquid Records) : Tom Fu (Liquid Records)

Room 4 - ID Spiral Blissed Out Chill Out :: LIVE : Ott (Twisted) :LIVE : Bluetech (Native State Records) :: LIVE : Nagual Sound Experiment (Liquid Records) :Toires (Dakini/Hoots Records/Backroom Beats - France) : Baring Brothers (Twisted) :Noodreem (Sangita Sounds) : Mudra (ID Spiral) : Weemoon Spiral (ID Spiral)

Room 5 - Tribe of Frog Funky and Chunky Progressive Beats :: Henry Seligman (Dragonfly) : Michele Adamson (Spun Records/Ibiza)


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27 February 2006

Trance Waves of Sound

Com.pact records released the 3rd volume of its Natural Wave of Sounds series. What is special about this latest effort by Com.pact is that the sound is still fresh, the productions crystal clear and the structure perfect.

Its a smooth journey from night mystery, peak-time madness and morning psy-travel.

There is a full on psytrance edge here and although all the tracks are very good overall, Krunch with the opening First Hand, Voice Over with the stellar punk psydrive New Dimension and later Cosmic Tone with Psysical Reaction really stand out from the crowd.

Another memorable track comes from Apocalypse and Never Ever.
Sesto Sento with Full Tank of Gas and Wizzy Noise remixing Slow Me Away from Lish do a fantastic job closing this compilation with a more progressive atmospheric feel.

Other artists include Tactic Mind, Ultravoice vs Ziki and Bizzare Contact.
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26 February 2006

Vision Quest Gathering

Vision Quest celebrates the 2005 Gathering with an impressive DVD this year.
Everyone is on this DVD including Alien Vs. The Cat ( Israel), Alternative Control (Serbia), Astrix (Hommega), Bluetech (Canada), Black and White (Israel), Dali (Israel), Dino Psaras (U.K.), Melicia (Phonokol), Psycraft (Hommega), Shanti (Ibiza), Shulman (Aleph Zero), Skazi (Chemical Crew), Space Cat, Sub6 (Hommega Productions, Israel), Sun Project (Germany) and Xerox and Illumination.

One not to miss.
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19 February 2006


Phonocol delivers its 4th installment of the trance Psytisfaction series.

DNA, Gataka and Perplex are heavily featured in this psychedelic comp alongside Sigma, Dynamic, Orbital Vibes, Techtonic, E-ject and Hypersonic.

This a very strong compilation, true full on Israeli style. Not the newest style of music but the productions are fresh and crisp giving it a very dancy psytrance edge.

Most notable track here is the guitar driven No Good (Start the dance) from DNA that seems to be borrowing heavily from an old Prodigy track.

If you are fans of the Israeli psy-fi scene then this one is for you.

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14 February 2006

Ministry radio does Soulclipse special

The New Wave Radio by Ministry of Sound is dedicating a two hour special on the forthcoming Soulclipse psytrance festival in Turkey.

For the February show Ministry decided to hook up with the Indigo Kids (Soulclipse party organisers) to present a 2 hour Soulclipse Special featuring some of the artists and DJs scheduled to play. There is also an interview with psytrance diva Sally Doolally - the woman in charge of the festival’s communications in Europe.

Alongside a chat and a mix from DJ Sally (Plastik Park) the show will also feature special guest mixes from Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records), Atmos (Spiral Trax), Pena (Flow Recordsl) and plus an archive of more mixes on the website's homepage from Regan (Nano Records), Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats), Ticon (Digital Structures) and Etnica (Etnicanet) making February’s Soulclipse special worthwhile.
There are two tickets to give away on the show so it might be a good idea not to miss it.

Ministry radio Tuesday 21/02/06 1400-1600

Organised by the Indigo Kids, the Soulclipse Festival takes place from the 27th March to the 2nd of April 2006 in a beautiful national park just outside of the city of Antalya. Alongside one of the biggest line up of international live acts and DJ’s from just about every corner of the globe the site is one of the few venues on earth that will be on the line of totality giving the thousands of expected festival goers some three and a half minutes of full solar eclipse as well as some of the maddest music around.


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12 February 2006

Fuzzion trance magic

We don't often review artists albums but this is the time for an exception to the rule.

Boshke Beats has a surprise for us in Vladimir (Vova) Kozlov's aka Fuzzion new album Black Magic.

Now call us old fashioned, but we do not take a liking for the sinister in psychedelic trance. Imagine then how surprised we were to hear Fuzzion's remarkable album for the first time.

It opens with a well worked experimental Distort and Discord and then hits hard (but really hard) with the minimalist monster of a psy groove Tango De Color Mango. Be prepared to be showered with some serious force in the dancefloors near you with this one!

A more sinister C41 follows with some subliminal beats keeping the innovation levels high. BlackMagic is a similar affair with more electro-psy undertones.

Fuzzion gets the Frog On The Run next with some original weirdness (some influences from the Australian psyharmonics bunch here).

Recharge continues the experimentation and makes it obvious that this is a record not for everyone's ears. Techno con-fuzzion at it's best.

More magic with Shezabitch with its to-be classic sample "She is a bitch, she's is a whore, I don't like her anymore" that will either drive you away from the dancefloor or make you smile with it's clever tongue-in-cheek humor.

Yellow Mellow is another great track, not afraid to dive in new sound conclusions.

is a beautiful morning track, fresh and a welcome change to the usual morning psychedelia.

Little girl has a progressive outlook and the last track ICU also stands out with its melodic complex sound.

Overall this album is not for everyone and you will either love it or hate it. However you cannot deny the fact that Fuzzion is pushing the music boundaries, magically redefining what psychedelic music is. Russia psy on!

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Endless Euphoria Beyond Logic

According to the creators Endless Euphoria is "a powerful melange of tasty ear food and body groove juice for twilight and morning music lovers".

Well we don't know about that but there is certainly a healthy dose of full on trance here.

The shortlist of talent includes: Phatmatix, Psychotic Micro, Toxic, Stomp, Neuromotor, Inneraction vs Puzzle, Painkiller, Mekkanikka and Tickets (?).

Very energetic and twisted however also very retro, the compilation promises much but delivers less.

Mekkanikka have the best track here and Neuromotor the least good one.

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Mexican psy trance mafia

Original to the times of DAT exchange Shamanic State by AP records brings you back to the early days with a raw psy trance feel to this mixed compilation.

Artists include Blue Lunar Monkey, Mexican Trance Mafia, Smuhg, Psypsiq Jicuri, Trancelussion, Mayan Complex, Jabba and A.X.L.
Although there is a lot of fresh talent here and many notable tracks LSD Test from trance outfit Plug stands out as the best track. Watch out for these guys in the near future!

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New Maps of Hyperspace DVD

The new trend in psytrance are definitely DVD releases. The Skazi DVD was a great success for Solstice as well as New Maps of Hyperspace featuring some of the big guns of psychedelic trance in a 6,500 strong New Year countdown.

Shpongle, GMS, Etnica, Wrecked Machines, Hallucinogen, 1200 Mics and Dimitri are all here celebrating yet another successful year.

One not to miss.
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05 February 2006

Yage trance fiction

Dark, deep and full on (with exceptions), the new compilation from Yage records titled 'Pump fiction', all summed up in a sentence.

Ben Ezry aka Mechanix compiled this new psytrance CD which begins with one of his own trance stormers that lends its strange title to this comp.
Xerox and Illumination follow suit with High Fever something out of a dark jungle in Brazil and followed by a not-so-scary and a little boring Children in the Dark by Neuromotor. These guys seemed to have calmed down from the last time I heard them.

Hyper Frequencies must have picked up the Neuromotor vibe with Rhythms of Peace but this compilation is saved again by Damage and their energetic, cleverly named Sweet Suffering.

Mechanix comes back with a less intense No Doubt followed by the cheerful - despite the title - Serious Damage by Toxic.

Last but not least are here Random L with their complex tripped-out Thermal Dispute that really reminds me of some older Magus tracks. Nice effort.
Closing are U Men with Retro Punk, perhaps the best track of this compilation. There are some very old-school trance elements mixed with futuristic electro-psytrance in this track. Very original in a strange way.

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02 February 2006

Indian music inspires Infected Mushroom

India being the flavour of the season worldwide, one of the most popular Psychedelic Trance, or Psytrance musical groups - Infected Mushroom of Israel says that it is inspired by Indian music.

"We had experimented with the Indian music many years ago, when psytrance was known as Goa Trance, but we are again excited about it and we are thinking of adopting Indian tunes, though we have not decided on any particular form," says Erez Aizen in an interview.

The group currently on a world tour was in Delhi and Mumbai recently.

Infected Mushroom for HindustanTimes.com

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