09 August 2005

SHIVA Moon festival

It is now well over ten years since the first psytrance parties began in Germany in the early 1990s, originally inspired by travellers returning from Goa. The psychedelic trance open air festival scene in north Germany is now firmly established with a series of annual parties each summer weekend.

Northern Germany has a choice of psychedelic trance happenings throughout the summer months. From June through September there are sometimes as many as six open air parties every weekend across Germany. At the summer's peak in July and August there is at least one major event every weekend - the larger, and by now traditional open air festivals, attracting between 10 and 20 thousand trancers, each lasting 3 days or more.
The larger German "must go" events in July/August are Fusion, Full Moon, Voov Experience, Shiva Moon and Antaris Project. There are also many medium-sized events for between 2,000 and 5,000 people at a variety of beauty spots in the German countryside and coastline, going under such names as: Psychedelic Circus, Tshitraka, Nation of Gondwana and Indian Spirit, as well as a string of smaller outdoor parties for several hundred people, some of which are free.

Whereas the Voov Experience keeps their lineup a close secret, Shiva Moon publicises an impressive list of top international DJs (including Raja Ram and Tsuyoshi Suzuki this year) and live performances, offers two dance areas including a massive main area with a suitably massive sound system - all surrounded by gigantic UV decoration of glowing three dimensional objects - the product of a fantastic imagination on a grand scale: such as dinosaur-sized insects, aliens strolling through fields of mushrooms, a terradactyl and a mayan pyramid. The intention of Shiva Moon's unique decoration, world-class laser show and outstanding international lineup is to transport you to another world, one where your spirit can fly free.

Shiva Moon is the inspiration of Jan Engel. Jan began by decorating the first Voov Experience parties but quickly realised his dream and has been creating his own Shiva Moon Festival since 1995. Admittedly he is no longer a young man but demonstrates more than enough drive and energy to conduct this mega event successfully every year. The hallmark of the party is always a commanding pyramid sound-stage flanked by a massive upturned crescent moon, the symbol of the Hindu God Shiva, as illustrated on the flyer. Jan also promises new decoration and UV theatre performances for 2005.

For further information and pictures of previous parties, visit the festival website at
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:33 AM  
Anonymous Alan Frostick said...

Please amend your blog to comply with the new domain for the festival:


Note that shiva-moon.com no longer exists

1:25 PM  
Anonymous PsyTrance Music said...

Thanks Alan for letting us know.

We have updated the post.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Alan Frostick said...

I originally wrote the text you see here. I have no idea who posted it originally.

It rightly depicts the situation as I saw it in 2005. However, not only is the website a new address but the festival takes place in 2007.

ShivaMoon is in Hungary on 24-27 August 2007.

It may prove to be the highlight of the festival calendar this year, so check it out.


8:45 PM  

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