14 February 2006

Ministry radio does Soulclipse special

The New Wave Radio by Ministry of Sound is dedicating a two hour special on the forthcoming Soulclipse psytrance festival in Turkey.

For the February show Ministry decided to hook up with the Indigo Kids (Soulclipse party organisers) to present a 2 hour Soulclipse Special featuring some of the artists and DJs scheduled to play. There is also an interview with psytrance diva Sally Doolally - the woman in charge of the festival’s communications in Europe.

Alongside a chat and a mix from DJ Sally (Plastik Park) the show will also feature special guest mixes from Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records), Atmos (Spiral Trax), Pena (Flow Recordsl) and plus an archive of more mixes on the website's homepage from Regan (Nano Records), Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats), Ticon (Digital Structures) and Etnica (Etnicanet) making February’s Soulclipse special worthwhile.
There are two tickets to give away on the show so it might be a good idea not to miss it.

Ministry radio Tuesday 21/02/06 1400-1600

Organised by the Indigo Kids, the Soulclipse Festival takes place from the 27th March to the 2nd of April 2006 in a beautiful national park just outside of the city of Antalya. Alongside one of the biggest line up of international live acts and DJ’s from just about every corner of the globe the site is one of the few venues on earth that will be on the line of totality giving the thousands of expected festival goers some three and a half minutes of full solar eclipse as well as some of the maddest music around.


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