28 January 2006

Tranceformation festival Brazil 2006

This years Tranceformation festival in Brazil has another yet impressive line-up. The festival is a 9 day affair with the dancefloor pumping the best in psychedelic trance for no less than 7 days in true Brazilian party style.

The cream of the global psytrance crop includes trance moguls Absolum and Digital Talk from France, Dino Psaras, James Monroe and Joti Sidhu from the UK, Saiko Pod from Denmark, Wizzy Noise from Greece, Anti from Spiral Trax, Christof and Brazil's best trance act Wrecked Machines.

See below for complete line-up:

ABSOLUM (3Dvision rec )
ALTON (Neurobiotic rec )
ANDRE ABSOLUT (Monobasic )
ANDROMEDA (Millenium )
AUDIO CACTUS (Trade Sound)
BROKEN TOY (Alchemy rec)
BURN IN NOISE ( Vagalume)
CPU (3Dvision rec )
CHROMOSOME (Turbo Trance )
DAMAGE (Chemichal Crew)
DINO PSARAS (Chemical Crew )
E-JECT (Phonokol )
FIRST STONE (Vagalume )
FITALIC (Sprout )
JOTI SIDHU (Neurobiotic rec )
LIQUID SOUL ( Iboga rec )
MOTION (Soleadmusic/Plastik Park)
OXYD ( Plusquan / Vagalume)
RINKADINK (Alchemy rec )
SAIKO POD (ACDC / Solstice Music)
SEQUIPA ( Alchemy rec )
SHIFT (Timecode/Nexus )
SILICON SOUND (Neurobiotic rec )
SINERGY (3Dvision )
SIRIUS ISNESS (Mind Control)
SKULPTOR ( High End )
SOLEAD (Soleadmusic/ Automatic)
TICON (Digital Structures )
TRIPTYCH (Turbo Trance/Soleadmusic)
VAZIK (Sounds of Earth / Spirit Zone)
WIZZY NOISE (Spun rec)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can I find some info on this. Brazil is far away and requires some advance planning :)

9:45 PM  
Anonymous marianne said...

Same here!I've just been to Boom where I met loads of Brazilians, they really know how to party so a festival IN Brazil will be wicked! I WANT TO GO! Help us with some more info!!


5:38 PM  
Anonymous PsyTrance Music said...

You can find more information by visiting the link below:

10:49 PM  
Anonymous arnito said...


where and when is this festival, i'm in caribean now and I WANT TO GO !
anybody who knows GOT to answer...
thanks and love

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i from Brasil and i have got in all festivals!!! is the best of music word!!!!!

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Party Princess said...

Hi there! I am lucky enough to be heading to Brazil for the months of March, April, and May next year in 2009. I REALLY REALLY want to go to some great dance parties. Any info you could give would be wonderful. I've been to Full Moon, Voov, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Boom and I just love the trance scene. Please help me. Thanks. xo

9:54 PM  

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