24 June 2007

Astrix Future Music on Spiral Trax

Spiral Trax - Future MusicSpiral Trax is celebrating a re-launch after one years of silence on the psytrance scene. And what a better comeback than having top Israeli psytrance act and DJ Astrix on its books for the Future Music EP.

In classic Astrix style Future Music kicks off strong and the progressiveAstrix - Future Music beat blending with the psychedelic sounds marching forward.
Just in Time is a slower affair that builds up slowly for those morning hours.
Things are starting to get really interesting here when Brasilian virtuoso Wrecked Machines takes on Poison by Astrix. Explosive trance with a classic fat 'Nord Lead' sound and perhaps one of the hardest written by the artist.

The second surprise no other than psytrance leads GMS remixing Techno Widows by Astrix. GMS here give the track a good re-work with matching break downs and a squeaky acid drive all along.

Is this EP a mismatch or do you get the best of two styles of psytrance?


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Blogger Knowledgecrystal said...

Yes, I just downloaded astrix classic eye to eye album and am loving it. Glad to hear spiral trax has re opened, labels seem so transient, yet they are a vital part of the music.

4:47 AM  

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