13 November 2005

Etnica Explorer

present Explorer, a new compilation from well established artists in the psychedelic trance scene. From the start of this comp Pleiadians storm the dancefloor with 7 Days a remix on Xerox, Chakra and Illumination.

, Compressor VS Hyperion, Strider VS B.L.C., Predators, Pan, Biotonic and Unison feat Filteria do a great job in keeping the rythms tight and the tension high.

But for once more mega-trancers Etnica steal the show with the stormer Monolith. The track is a mix of the older Etnica style and fuller percussion that results yet again in a classic trance anthem. Bordering on euro-trance the track can be played in the middle of the night or in the morning and has all the elements that got most people in this scene.

Etnica do it again!
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Blogger OshO said...

yo :)
seems not to much trance blogs in bloggernity :(
hope its not for long

great blog by the way :)
im listened for trance 10 years already and dont want change it to anything else

i started new blog today

i created newsgroup and would upload some trance albums on demand :) hope somebody will like it

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

goog luck with your blog osho

1:11 PM  

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