05 February 2006

Yage trance fiction

Dark, deep and full on (with exceptions), the new compilation from Yage records titled 'Pump fiction', all summed up in a sentence.

Ben Ezry aka Mechanix compiled this new psytrance CD which begins with one of his own trance stormers that lends its strange title to this comp.
Xerox and Illumination follow suit with High Fever something out of a dark jungle in Brazil and followed by a not-so-scary and a little boring Children in the Dark by Neuromotor. These guys seemed to have calmed down from the last time I heard them.

Hyper Frequencies must have picked up the Neuromotor vibe with Rhythms of Peace but this compilation is saved again by Damage and their energetic, cleverly named Sweet Suffering.

Mechanix comes back with a less intense No Doubt followed by the cheerful - despite the title - Serious Damage by Toxic.

Last but not least are here Random L with their complex tripped-out Thermal Dispute that really reminds me of some older Magus tracks. Nice effort.
Closing are U Men with Retro Punk, perhaps the best track of this compilation. There are some very old-school trance elements mixed with futuristic electro-psytrance in this track. Very original in a strange way.

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