12 February 2006

Fuzzion trance magic

We don't often review artists albums but this is the time for an exception to the rule.

Boshke Beats has a surprise for us in Vladimir (Vova) Kozlov's aka Fuzzion new album Black Magic.

Now call us old fashioned, but we do not take a liking for the sinister in psychedelic trance. Imagine then how surprised we were to hear Fuzzion's remarkable album for the first time.

It opens with a well worked experimental Distort and Discord and then hits hard (but really hard) with the minimalist monster of a psy groove Tango De Color Mango. Be prepared to be showered with some serious force in the dancefloors near you with this one!

A more sinister C41 follows with some subliminal beats keeping the innovation levels high. BlackMagic is a similar affair with more electro-psy undertones.

Fuzzion gets the Frog On The Run next with some original weirdness (some influences from the Australian psyharmonics bunch here).

Recharge continues the experimentation and makes it obvious that this is a record not for everyone's ears. Techno con-fuzzion at it's best.

More magic with Shezabitch with its to-be classic sample "She is a bitch, she's is a whore, I don't like her anymore" that will either drive you away from the dancefloor or make you smile with it's clever tongue-in-cheek humor.

Yellow Mellow is another great track, not afraid to dive in new sound conclusions.

is a beautiful morning track, fresh and a welcome change to the usual morning psychedelia.

Little girl has a progressive outlook and the last track ICU also stands out with its melodic complex sound.

Overall this album is not for everyone and you will either love it or hate it. However you cannot deny the fact that Fuzzion is pushing the music boundaries, magically redefining what psychedelic music is. Russia psy on!

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Anonymous sonic fusion said...

oh hello! again some "fusion" variation for my conFUSED collection!! :)

respect & light,
sonic fusion


9:11 AM  
Anonymous psytech.team said...

Must to have album !

5:34 PM  

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