19 February 2006


Phonocol delivers its 4th installment of the trance Psytisfaction series.

DNA, Gataka and Perplex are heavily featured in this psychedelic comp alongside Sigma, Dynamic, Orbital Vibes, Techtonic, E-ject and Hypersonic.

This a very strong compilation, true full on Israeli style. Not the newest style of music but the productions are fresh and crisp giving it a very dancy psytrance edge.

Most notable track here is the guitar driven No Good (Start the dance) from DNA that seems to be borrowing heavily from an old Prodigy track.

If you are fans of the Israeli psy-fi scene then this one is for you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think this is a boring cd but there is a very strong trk there that i heard already in several parties - number 7 - techtonic and ejekt - mr cuts it is really good/ also trk 5 by dna is good

1:11 PM  

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