11 April 2006

1200 Mics new album preview

1200 Micrograms have released a sneak preview of their forthcoming album Evolution of Expanded Consciousness.

All those that have been lucky to listen to the full epic album claim that its their best to date.

The A side of this 12" vinyl shocks with a guitar heavy full on and tripped out Drugs, Music and Magic. Brings back memories of the good old days of psytrance pioneer and heavy sound maestro Mike McGuire.
The flip side keeps the pace to the maximum with the Computers rmx by Hujaboy who take a departure from the deep and atmospheric sound of the recently releasedParty Animals. This is a fast and furious track with a solid base and pumping beats.

Perhaps not the newest of styles here but yet another powerful record from 1200 Mics and the T.I.P. stables.

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Anonymous Jai Shamboo!!!!! said...

I can't wait to listen!!!!! Jai Shamboo...

1:20 AM  

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