28 February 2006

Twisted party in London

Twisted records is preparing a mega party on the 3rd of March 2006 in London, UK.

Room 1 - Twisted Psychedelic Trance :
LIVE : Hallucinogen : Younger Brother : Prometheus : Tristan
DJs : Dick Trevor (Jumanji/Dickster) : Ott (warm-up-set)

Room 2 - Backroom Beats Recordings :
LIVE : Western Rebel Alliance (Backroom Beat Recordings)
DJs : Youth (LSD/Dragonfly): Greg Hunter : Ed Bigland : Simon H (Twisted)

Room 3 - Liquid Records Upbeat Grooves :
Flexitones/Hi Fi Companions DJ Set by Merv (Twisted/Backroom Beats) : LIVE : Organismic (Liquid Records) :LIVE : Slack Baba (Liquid Records) : Graham Wood (The Infinity Project/Blowfish) : Agent Smith (aka DruminDan) :: Liquid Ross and Liquid Djems (Liquid Records) : Tom Fu (Liquid Records)

Room 4 - ID Spiral Blissed Out Chill Out :: LIVE : Ott (Twisted) :LIVE : Bluetech (Native State Records) :: LIVE : Nagual Sound Experiment (Liquid Records) :Toires (Dakini/Hoots Records/Backroom Beats - France) : Baring Brothers (Twisted) :Noodreem (Sangita Sounds) : Mudra (ID Spiral) : Weemoon Spiral (ID Spiral)

Room 5 - Tribe of Frog Funky and Chunky Progressive Beats :: Henry Seligman (Dragonfly) : Michele Adamson (Spun Records/Ibiza)


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