10 April 2006

Natural Healing Medium

Not often you come across a trance compilation so solid, structured and sounding superb. Medium records serves us the flawless Natural Healing Svadhisthana.

From the opening psytrance stormer Restoring Normality from Aerospace vs Sunseek to the tripped out closing Redeemer by Mad Contrabender this compilation heaves with passion, energy and fat psytrance beats and sounds.

Outstanding Etic produce a true classic with the hypnotic On Process. Casui sing loud and clear about the End Of Time with smooth but strong percussion with a fat bassline and some quirky trance fx. The best track of the compilation.
Crystal Sound Impact Side with a full speed track and Elec3 vs Psynina spread the psytrance magic with Stardust. Fresh ideas and fresh sounds.
Mad Contrabender contributes another track asking you to Open Your Mind whilst EMC2 deliver the powerful psy groove Borderline.

Night or morning this CD is good company on the dancefloor and a house stereo.

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