15 March 2006

Point Zero Radioactivity

Never before was Radioactivity more refreshing. Point Zero never fail to make the point with this new CD.

Things kick off with a Brazilian Vibe from Project FM. Don't know exactly in which frequency these guys are trancemitting but it's a good one.
Solar System Mastermind a very cool track with a solid bass and ear-friendly kick. You won't miss a beat as this psy monster paces along.
Then experienced Brazilian DJ Marcelo VOR teams up with Goblin to deliver a psy-electro full on mayhem titled Hackney 3AM. The track title obviously refers to the Hackney area in London, UK where many psytrance parties take place. Can be a little dodgy at 3AM otherwise :)

Lagun pieces together Ergenzomatic in techno psy fashion without missing all the right psychedelic elements.
You have to Just Trust Freakulizer who always come up with new concepts in the sound.
Next supertrance stars Psysex produce N G R, a slow pace but powerful piece of music.
Rinkadink pace steady with Jedi Vibes. Some great new sounds along great effects and a solid bass line.
There was only One Possibility for Simi to come up with the most inventive track of this comp. Great sampling here, voices and sounds of trance 2006.
Last but not least Vibra Kiss the Bass. With this kind of bass wouldn't you be tempted to give it a kiss? Another great psy-electro stormer.

Might want to check this one out!

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