26 March 2006

Turbo trance pygmees

Turbo trance recordsBali based DJ El Didion has compiled this new CD from Turbo Trance records.

Things warm up very quickly here with the title track Groovy Pygmee Part I from French trance magnets Talamasca.
A glorious psyber Treasure follows by Inessense, And All That makes ManMadeMan the legendary trance project it is.
And there is much more to follow.

Triptych present one of their best tracks to date with the funky guitar but still very psychedelic Meegos. Tikal takes a fresh approach to retrodelic trance with Flow. Slow pace psytrance with persistent leads and crazy voice sampling.
Intelabeam deliver the bouncy Free Action to be followed by a misty and dirty funk Wizzy Noise remix to Elec3. Prosper contribute with a great atmospheric trance anthem titled Electro Grooves.
The closing track Psypilot rmx of Shadow of the Beast by Logic Bomb is perhaps the only unfitting choice here. A little rusty for this comp.

All in all crystal clear productions with warm and deep basslines. These tracks trap you on the dancefloor.
Pygmees Groove Vol1 might be the best work from the label to date.

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