01 March 2006

Spliff Mythos

Spliff records from Zurich, Switzerland released a new compilation titled Mythos Productions 2006.
According to Spliff "the CD tunes were build for the common today's listeners".
Mythos Productions 2006
Does that mean Madonna and Britney Spears fans???

This compilation does feature some new mashed up psychedelia which could interest, well about anyone.
Some big guns such as Blue Planet Corporation mixed by Jirah and some fresh and more recent acts.

Other artists include: Spiritual Enhancer, Dizzy Mind, System Brothers, Burn in Noise, Backspace, Phanatic, Uriya, Feedback, XSI and T.K.Y.

It ranges from hard trance to psychedelic plus some more mellow tracks.
Overall quite good although it lacks a little continuity in the style.

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