19 March 2006

Stimulating Basstardz

CompilationPixan recordings label manager presents Basstardz.

The style of the music is original. There is a dry taste to this psychedelia. Nothing is missing though; the sounds are carefully chosen and aired.

Zebra-N, Xatrik (best track with Frankie Five of Diamonds, Hypno, 3PLT, Seroxat and Toxic are the psytrance artists that stand out here.
Other names include Hyper Frequencies, Blisargon Demogorgon, Bon and Wizard Lizard.

Some of the productions could be better but overall this CD kicks butt.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Recently got my copy of this awesome comp. and those Seroxat and Toxic tracks f#*kin rock!!! Got the chance to spin 'em @ an indoor event just last nite, THEY EXPLODED to say the least! Can't wait to release them on an outdoor floor where i believe they'll recieve an incredibly positive feedback from the masses! ;)

The Jester (Electric Garden)

10:14 AM  

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