06 March 2006

Don't Skip this Igneous Insect

Buy Skip InsectThe new album by Hellenic trance pioneer Chris Tatitzikidis aka Igneous, co-founder of psytrance duo Magus, is one of those releases that you cannot ignore.
"Igneous" Chris has released music on most major record labels and travelled the globe. With this release he celebrates 10 years in music production with his best personal work to date, titled 'Skip Insect'. After the debut 'Encephalophagus' followed by 'Skint' this third album is taking us to further depths of a heavily rhythmic and esoteric trip.
This is also by far the most significant release for Headstick recordings (Thessaloniki, Greece) to date.

The magic of Igneous (previously known as Igneous Sauria) is revealed in the repetitive percussive textures, the deeply atmospheric sounds and a tribal struggle with the forces of psychedelia.
Be prepared to be surprised. The more you listen to this album, the more you realize that there is more to this unique blend of psychedelic music.

The sounds are eclectic and the beats commanding. The production quality evolves from crystal clear into booming with deep dark basslines surrounding your ears, placing Igneous in the avant-garde of psytrance producers.

There is always a fine line between deep and dark and this new album never crosses it. The sound is thoughtful, skeptical and some times even philosophical. An intellectual rhythm pattern that keeps you dancing, letting you trance free in a psy spiral.

The album opens with Skip Insect that has a retro feel and reminds more of the earlier days of Igneous Sauria. Stripped down with a jungle feel marks the turn to a more persistent and powerful beat.

The second track Amphibian gets things going with its imposing atmosphere and dramatic build up. This is a new sound for the night time and it kicks butt.

Dr Evil is another steady slow build up. The percussion is smashing the bass heavy core and the sounds keep adding to infinity.

Just get out is a more outgoing affair and here things get really deep with the fat bassline dominating.

Multispin is another classic Igneous work of art. The spiral is never ending. Sounds rotate around a solid bass in a twisting and twirling deep meditation mode.

Tb1 is a deeper journey and here Chris reaches his most esoteric side. There is something so honest about this track. In the deep dark tribal moments we don't feel alone, the sound is our friend.

The bright and fascinating vibe of Stay with Us (Fool mix) seduces the listener into an addictive and psyberplex structure. There are no limits here, voices from the deepest corners of the brain with no beginnings and no ends.

Stacked heads towards a morning feel taking the listener away from the night in minimal style.

Baking Powder is perhaps the weakest link here and although a great chill out finish such a track does not fit well with the highly innovative and fresh kicking sound in the rest of this record.

If you think that this is just minimal psytrance then think again, or better listen again.

This is truly psychedelic trance music without the ketchup.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is one of the coolest trance albums I heard for a while

very different but proper psychedelic music

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

different? mate is called minimal... look it up...

8:10 PM  
Anonymous PsyTrance Music said...

Its very difficult to call this just 'minimal' however much you like your labels in music.

The sounds are 'hidden' in the background. You need to listen to this very carefully to discover its beauty.

Not everyone's cup of tea, for sure.

3:39 AM  

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