14 March 2006

Gnothi Seauton from Deja Vu

The new compilation from Moscow, Russia based Deja Vu records titled Gnothi Seauton (from the ancient Greek, meaning know yourself) is an attempt to things dark and psychedelic.

There is a great range of promising artists towards the full on and dark atmospheric spectrum. Zerotonine, The Many Faces, Penta, Terminator, Furious, CPC, Kerberos and Suria all contribute with tracks here.

Victory from Suria stands out from the crowd with a well build atmospheric vibe strong in percussion and bass.

Overall this is a good compilation with care put into it. However Gnothi Seauton is lacking master production quality, which is so important these days. Perhaps a little more attention to the final mastering process would do the job here.

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