18 March 2006

High Level Tech Pleasures

Crystal Matrix records is out with its second part of the Hi Tech Pleasures series. This compilation promises to drive you away from formulated commercial music, helping you to explore the "area of full on trance underground". Does it succeed?

With 9 fresh tracks from new and established artists Crystal Matrix serves a blend of futuristic vibe on your psytable. There are a lot of new combinations in this sound, a mix of old, new, space and earth trance lines influenced and distilled from over 12 years of psychedelic trance music.

D-Tek and Zen-Mech vs Tactical Strike do a nice job of making their mark by following the promises of this compilation.
Basic with Sushi and Wasabi (don't forget our favourite Sashimi) manages to stand out with an inventive heavy sound to be followed by equally strong Delirious with No Limits.

Perplex is clearly winning here with a fresh full on blaster titled Freedom. Great sampling that comes with a tight and fast bassline.
Next Sirious Isness vs trance legends Spacetribe offer a new look at the Space sound that come back strong in this comp. Sharigrama follows with a great electro-retro psybass trancer.

Interactive and Z-Machine vs XPVoodoo finish this compilation with two good tracks.

Overall this is a very good fresh approach albeit not a revolution in psychedelic music.

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