03 October 2009

Dr. Hoffman on Geomagnetic TV

For the die-hard psytrance traditionalists Geomagnetic TV is bringing you the debut album of Dr. Hoffman, Ride On. This is a homage to psychedelia from the 90s with the fractal structures and acid flavor some are used to.

There is no holding back from the outset with Ride On getting to the point and sticking with it. The next two tracks follow up with strong kick and bass lines, first Drop Out featuring Blue Lunar Monkey with it's twisted melodies and trippy feel and then Logic Crash with deeper melodies and a darker vibe.

Turbo charged psytrance all the way, but always with a twist. The psychosambadelic Trance Del Caribe Pt.2 is evidence of psychedelia creeping in and swirling you around. The euphoric melody is next with Mexican Acid and again the mood is old style trance with new beats and clear sounds. Kymatica is less impressive but can hold on its own. The Apics reminds of the earlier GMS sound and although a well put together track, it is less original.

The gangsta Don't mess with the Mafia is a strong track with the wrong attitude.
One before last Mutant Virus returns to the melodies and softens the mood to bring the compilation to a close with an energetic Jumpingjack, some fresh ideas and old melodies.

Overall a confusing album with peaks and lows. Worth listening to, worth supporting by buying?
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