23 September 2009

Digitalfrequenz Records debut Druckfrequenz

Back into more familiar psychedelic trance waters with the debut compilation album from Germany based Digitalfrequenz Records named Druckfrequenz. Dj 'Der 5.Gedanke' is showcasing new local talent and the vibe is running baseline psychedelia with a distinct melodic style.

Some very solid music here with melodies and pads that will bring you to the trance state on the dancefloor. No major innovations but the music does the job.

Tracks that stand out include Direct Impact from Fractal Frequenz, the melodic Planet Earth from 2012 Connection and Sun Implant from Reactor.
Other psytrance music artists featured in this compilation include Slackjoint, Haridasa, Bounder, Damender, Electric Shimana, Sab, Neuroimpact and Lyric.

Promising stuff from Germany or it could be better?
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