31 August 2009

Fineplay usual suspects on the beach

Fineplay records released a double impact CD and DVD containing footage from their events. "The Beach 2009" features a list of major psytrance artists including 1200 Micrograms, Pixel and Bizzare Contact, GMS with Space Tribe, Space Cat with Perplex, Absolum and others.

There are no big suprises here (apart from the increasing use of female vocals) but you can expect top productions from established artists and some of the latest dancefloor favourites.

The tracks that stand out are: Irealise from the collaboration of psytrance mega-artists GMS and trance veterans Space Tribe. The 'Benny Benassi on acid' Green Room by Shanti and the anthemic All That Remains from Black and White with Epiphony.
Perhaps worth mentioning Basic Survival Instincts from Absolum vs. Menog for the night-time full on psytrance enthusiasts.
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