12 September 2009

Tantrance compilation is back with Vol 13

The Tantrance compilations gained some momentum from the early days of the first release in 1995 until the 12th release in 2004. Five long years later the Leguan label compilation is back on the shelves. 18 tracks spread across 2 CDs Vol 13 showcases talent from various artists including top trancers Atmos, S.U.N. Project, Polaris, Talamasca, Tikal and Perplex.
The sound warms up with some progressive trance tracks initially and then moves to harder musicscapes.
Some of the best tracks include Special Dedication from Perplex vs. Onyx, the anthemic Black Space from Tikal and a melodic but strong Afterglow from Polaris. Talamasca bring back memories with the retro Tribalagan, SUN Project are climaxing with one of their latest favourites 'Let it Burn', which by no way refers to a guitar, the dominant element in most of their tracks still, after all these years.
Atmos contribute with a chilled out morning track in the cheeky 'Stay Awake' and in typical immaculate Atmos production style.
Many tracks for different tastes from Tantrance, leaning on the progressive side of psytrance in Vol 13.
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Blogger Billy Kus said...


I was having trouble finding a link to hear samples of the music. I think I am just dense. Ok, thx.

William Ryan Kus

3:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi this is shiva want the best psytrance tracks to download...please let me hav this thanks.....

7:34 PM  

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