27 September 2009

Intelligent Monkey says Chandra Natya

Another psytrance gem by brand new Italy based Intelligent Monkey Records label of DJ PsySari, from Turkey titled Chandra Natya or 'Moon Dance'. There is a selection of tracks heavily influenced by the Russian trance scene. Most productions are acceptable, somehow missing some of the shine of the larger studios.

The psychedelic element is strong across the compilation and the Nord lead sounds prevail. Expect turbo trance charged baselines, blipy leads and the classic atmospheric sounds of night-time psychedelic trance.

Tracks that stand out are 'Chandra Natya' by Intelligent Monkey, a very strange 'Cowboy Sunset' by Krussedull and 'Shaman' by Dark Ozz.

Darkshire, Fracktal Error, Hagnetih and Tromo are also included.
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