22 August 2009

Anomalistic records against the Grain

At last something very interesting to write about. Anomalistic records have released the compilation 'Against The Grain' with a mix of fresh artists with new ideas. And they are not the latest cutting-edge ideas, this is traditional psytrance with influences from previous European movements in Denmark, Germany, Scandinavia, Greece and France with a dose of Australian experimentation.
The forms for the bass and the sounds are familiar, the arrangements we have heard before, but these guys make choices and combinations, sometimes simplistic that really work.
You are always unsure of what is going to happen next and how much more twisted this can get. The sampling is fresh, nice voice sounds, lots of lazers (if you are into that sort of thing) and slightly a little too much of the classic Nordlead sounds that many psytrancers would recognise.

There are 11 tracks, things kick off with Faxi Nadu track called I am the night, color me black with a very funny 'zombie' sample. Kalilaskov As, Terranoise and Netrosystem supply very good night tracks, but Freakazoid stand out with the atmospherically psychodelic Crystal Aum. Digressio Traviato win the chaotic tune award with Electrified Water (maybe they had a little too much of that).
Star track by Primordial Ooze with the very complex but solid Building Boxes. Ayalien provide a perfect finish with the playful (but completely crazy) Small Kings Jump.

Worth checking out this one.
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