23 August 2009

What does the future hold for psytrance in 2010?

Psytrance has always been an ever-changing beast. The community was created and then diversified in the first 5-7 years. From there on, it was split between progressive trance and the traditional faster and harder psytrance. The people remained the same, their taste become a barrier often, but the community was still going strong.

The popularity of other dance styles such as techno, electro and house influenced psychedelic trance from the early days, however after a decline in sales and less parties in key locations such as the UK and other countries brought change once more to the forefront.

So in 2009 we saw the 'Acid family' old-guard entering in progressive waters. Infected Mushroom have long converted, before them, Juno Reactor and X-Dream strayed from the traditional forms and now the latest Hom-Mega Productions compilation with much slower entries from Growling Mad Scientists fame, Riktam and Bansi and Lish are showing a new direction. Are the artists 'forced' to change due to commercial reasons, are tastes becoming different and more diverse, is it the moment when we will see all brothers and sisters dancing again, unified, free of form and musical prejudice?
Or is this a betrayal of the style we learned and loved?

Is everyone going to hold hands and celebrate the culture of no barriers, the moment of truth, where we are all the same, full on and progressive, morning trance and dark beats, utter weirdness and techno-trance? Do we want to be better and bigger again, to attract people into joining us because we cater for the music of the future and not the music of the past?
Or are we loosing our identity and psytrance artists should respect it's early form more?

My wish is that in 2010 we will once again walk into the party without knowing what is going to hit us, which music piece or style is going to twist our brain and extract all our creative thinking. Something to make the intentions pure and the smiles flowing. Let's have fun.

What's your wish for 2010?
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Blogger kleer001 said...

I wish that I would go to some more good psytrance parties.

I think it's up to the DJs to be up to date with the latest sounds and sort through them at the party to turn the vibe up another knotch. I think it's up to the party producers to find a good place to have the party, get out the word, charge a decent price, pay off the cops, and make sure water is affordable. And last but not least I think it's up to the party goers to be friendly, responsible, keep the venue clean, and have a great time. Such a great time that the vibe is raised to such great heights that we all forget our jobs, forget our classes, forget our cars, forget our relegions, and joing into the thumping bumping oneness flowing through us all.
That's what the future holds in 2010.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Dusty Park said...

Music and the irreducible essence of music, Vibration, are an enigma. Bottom line, every is and responds to vibration. Music goes through phases that sometimes takes a whole decade to really come to the new flower of the vibrational wave crest. Lest us not forget that music comes from & is created by MUSICIANS. Humans must take their feelings and extend them into the audio dimension. I know you are talking about "Trance, Psytrance, Progressive Trance" here, but it all comes down to the same thing. The labels and definitions of music come afterwards, after the music is made and experienced. Music is relentless & Infinite in it's own essential nature of vibrational evolution. So could there be a vibrational influence that is so inclusive that it encompasses all humanity and that the musicians on Earth are some of the rare few who can intuit & interpret these vibrations into music? I think there is able evidence for this and that is why I speculate that 2010 is going to be bringing in a Significant New Vibration. what one might call a certain Vibrational Cohesion that will come to define the Freshness & Immediacy of music that will take form in certain months of 2010. There will be a certain transitional Focus in the 1st 2 weeks of December 2009 with the final Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction (Dec. 11-22). This will give way to something quite profound and with much greater definition starting around March 1st wit the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces for the 1st time in Twelve years. Pisces Rules Music. This fact cannot not be stressed enough, as it will create huge inspiration in the sensitivities of the actual musicians, particularly those born around the 1st of any month and especially those born in odd months. Next the energy will really amp up with the alignment of Jupiter to Uranus in the Last Degree of Pisces & 1st degree of Aries. The most Psychic and sensitive, inspirational degree of the Zodiac is this last degree and the next degree, the 1st of Aries represents the REBIRTH into the New Cycle and is the energy of Passion and the emergence from the Oneness of the Inspired Expression of One in Great Focus. This alignment will happen 3 times, the 1st of which will be on June 6th 2010. But the energy will have some Super crescendo starting on May 15th. The influence of the Jupiter Fusion with Uranus is Expanded Fluency, Uniqueness, Invention, & stepping way outside the current Sonic Box that things have settled into. the fact that these 2 planets are also opposed Saturn will give them considerable focus and even a sense of purpose. To top it all off, these planets in opposition will both be squared the planet Pluto in Capricorn, the planet of Death & Rebirth. The Embodiment of Intensity and Relentlessness. The evolving vibrational energy will come to a rather Full On Wildness on July 21-23rd, July 27-28th & the 1st Whole week of August the focus of these Immense energies will converge into a Perfect Storm of Transcendent Vibrational Awareness. But it won;t be too good for politicians and agents attempting to perpetuate the old paradigm of Separateness. August 22nd will have a considerable charge as will September 11th & 23,24,25th. January 4th 2011 is the last perfect alignment of Jupiter & Uranus and is a create creative energy but the main cresting wave oe transformational intensity was in July & August for sure. February 17-22 2011 are the next main energies ringing the new bell, and April 3rd through 6th can be considered the closing phase as this will be the next conjunction of the Sun & Jupiter, with Mars conjunct Uranus for good measure. This April focus will truly celebrate the fact of a collective feeling of Vibrational Rebirth and an acknowledged sense that we are now in New Vibrational Territory! Then, inevitably, some essentially clear Neptunian being, will coin the next Symbolic label for the Newest Evolution of Sonic Vibrations that we will be dancing to All Over the World!

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Blogger PETER said...


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