26 August 2009

Cosm records sonic waves of psytrance pleasure

If you are looking for a fresh compilation to listen to, search for "Kaleidoskopolis" from Cosm records. The label is trying to re-color and redifine what psychedelic trance is. An eclectic line-up of artists with the well known Spirallianz leading with a hypnotic morning track. The tracks border on minimal and progressive but there is enough weirdness, power and style to call this psychedelic.

There are influences from every corner of the music spectrum and the tracks take you through a microscopic journey of psychedelia. The two break beat tracks did not really do it for us and there a couple of tracks unsuitable for the dancefloor but overall this is a great listen.

Most notable tunes, Machine by Electric Sheep, 6th Floor with Dawn of a new error, Golden String from Sunburned and Paranoid and of course Isn't from German masters Spirallianz.
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