08 October 2009

Spun records spins Back 2 the Future

Spun records pulls out the big guns with their latest compilation Back 2 The Future. The who's who of the hard psytrance scene is here.
To begin we have Logic Bomb smashing their way in with Earth Orbit (Soundaholic remix). Reminds a little of Etnica but develops in a strong and militant beat with deep floating sounds that implode along the way.

GMS fight it out with Dr. Hoffman (read previous post about his latest album) next. The clear production is dressed with melodies and psychedelic infused soundbytes to build up a monster of a track.

Shanti is next with Green Room, a decent tune with a slow build up delivering very powerful electro melodies with hard psytrance beats when it kicks back in.
Earthling vs Poli contribute with a less lively The Grasshopper. Special mention to Perplex that stands out with tech-house inspired, but still very psychedelic, Bad Habbits.

New boys in the hood Solar System remix Blind Spot by X-Noise and they make a great job to keep things fresh and clean. Te-Tuna disappoint with Sweepers. Animalis vs BioTouch have something better with Countdown.

Other artists include Last Man Standing, Cycle Sphere and Random vs Torin remixed by Kinesis vs. Mindstorm.

The start took me by storm but did you like the rest of the compilation?
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