27 June 2006

Mountanarchy Intergalactic music festival

Creative Anarchy present the Mountanarchy Intergalactic spiritual music festival from Friday 30th of June to Sunday 2nd of July in Monte Generoso, Ticino, Switzerland.

The line up includes the following acts live:

VOLU-MEN (Tribal Tools, Germany)
TRIPITAKA (creative-anarchy, CH)
MEDICINE MAN (creative-anarchy, CH)
KARASH (Mantra Tribe System, CH)
ANTENAUS (Gioia Cosmica, Italy)

Some of the DJs taking part:

BRAINIAC(tri-angel, Germany)
GOA FACE & MR.SMOKE (creative-anarchy, CH)
RV (creative-anarchy, CH)
SMILE (Luna Group, CH)
TEMPLE & LEOM (Planet Fantasia, CH)
ASLAK (Biolive, CH)
PADMA (Mantra Tribe System/CH)
S-MUTANT (D-A-R-K crew/CH)
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26 June 2006

Chemical Playground

Chemical Crew - Chemical PlaygroundThe big psytrance guns are out again. Skazi's homegrown label Chemical Crew has launched a new sonic attack Chemical Playground.
You woudn't be surprised to see Skazi featured heavily here, the first time with the acid technoid Attack and the second time working with Tube on Dangerous. Tube have another high profile collaboration named Go Crazy, this time with psy trance veterans Kox-Box.
Void contributes with a track too dark for our liking.
Exaile add another classic guitar driven track titled Vilderness with their second contribution Psycreoes, a psychedelic affair with atmospheric elements worked with fellow trancers Paranormal Attack.
Psychotic Micro delivers the powerful Time Split and Star-X follows with the quircky Be Real.
Rocky rolls out the spacey Gioto and Mafia finish this compilation with maybe the best track called Breath.Chemical Crew records

Overall a very good CD but don't you think that Chemical Crew are repeating themselves a litle here?



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25 June 2006

Faerie Dragon Psy Squeech

Lurking beneath the underground - sister label of Hong Kong based Sonic Dragon - Faerie Dragon records revitalises the abstract psychedelic trance scene with a compilation that brings out the best in modern tripped out music.

Heavily influenced by the Australian and Finish trance scenes Squeech sees the re-birth of funk and acid trance mayhem.

A lot of strange and wonderful tracks here with Ytkytyytkyty from Igor Swamp and Creak Ar The Joints from legendary Squaremeat providing the best moments.

Other artists include LPC, Hooloovoo, 5meo, Salakavala, Spiders Silk, Odd Harmonic and Indepth.

Just for the ones that like their psytrance weird and edgy.

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11 June 2006

Eclipse 2006 trance festival in Canada

Another great summer event between the 28th and 30th of July in Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, Gatineau River, close to Ottawa, Canada from production team Tech Safari.

A fantastic line-up with Greek legends Wizzy Noise live headline followed by Brasil's and world favourites Wrecked Machines. Other great live appearances to be expected by Jaia and Bluetech whilst DJs Shane Gobi, top progressive supremo Peter Digital, Edoardo, Nuclear Ramjet, Ekoplex, Wrecked Gabe, Wizzy Micky, Uriel and others rip the decks.

For more info visit the official site of the 2006 Eclipse Trance Festival in Canada.
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10 June 2006

Further Ambivalent Tendencies

Further Ambivalent Tendencies - Ambivalent recordsAmbivalent records has a new proposition with Further Ambivalent Tendencies, a tale of night time psychedelic trance from a pool of great artists.

The strangely named Serious Porn Collector opens up with a minimal night trance Bloodlines to be followed by heavy bass tripped out Tilt by Squid Inc. The same band delivers the third track, this time remixing Scorb in a militant and imposing psytrance journey Rave from the Grave.
Legendary trancers Deviant Species battle it out with Scorb to produce minimal psy darkster Jack the Kipper. Neural Rec Syn collaborate with F. E Ghost in Knocked Out Goner and Scorb come back, this time alone with the energetic running bassline and trippy fx Resonant Evil.
The biggest name here, Deviant Species contribute another techno trance tune titled Iophant. Good to see them back in form.
One before last comes insect sound driven Theme From 'Coles Law'DJ Yod rmx by Ram with Orzels Machine closing this compilation in style with funky and very dancefloor friendly Centrifuge.

Looking forward to more Ambivalent Tendencies.

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05 June 2006

Full Moon Trance Festival 2006

Full Moon Psychedelic Trance Summer Festival 2006The Full Moon Festival 2006 celebrates its 5th anniversary by boasting one of the most impressive line ups for this summer. Star Sounds Orchestra will open up an amazing journey into the psytrance of 2006. Headliners playing live include Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection, Astrix, Space Tribe, 1200 Mics, GMS, Etnica, Oforia, Tristan, Perplex, Atomic Pulse, Electric Universe and Parasense plus many others.

In the DJ section the line-up continues with the a-z of the psychedelic trance creamcrop: Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Mr Peculiar, Raja Ram, Rica (Brazil), Kristian and many more.

Have to say that the Full Moon Festival in 2006 sounds like a killer!

7-12 July between Wittstock and Roebel, Germany.

See you there...
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04 June 2006

Turbo Trance Accelerator 3

Turbo Trance records Accelerator 3.0Charles Michaud aka Triptych presents Accelerator 3.0, the latest compilation from Turbo Trance records. This is a solid psytrance CD with new ideas and kicking beats.

Unbelieving Ecliptic is kicking off in style with ManMadeMan following with an uneventfull Strut. Tranan takes over with retrodelic Mental Expedition to be followed by ManMadeMan rolling out the powerdriven and full of surprises Karahana.
Triptych Numbers does a great job of injecting some strong psychedelic vibe back to this CD and Elec3 keeps it deep with the acid-fused Think Pink.
Mumbo Jumbo continue with some deep female vocals and cyberdelic melodies in futuristic Mirage.
Narcophone sneak into this compilation with the Vampire's Funk, a refreshing acidic affair with lots of new psy ideas. The CD comes to an end with a bizarre concept of breakfast from Pop Stream and Triptych in the morning trance anthem Beef.

All in all this is a good offering from Turbo Trance blending new elements with their fresh approach to the psychedelic sound.

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03 June 2006

The Evolution Of Expanded Consciousness

The Evolution Of Expanded Consciousness TIPIt's very hard to ignore a TIP release. More so when the guru himself outputs his vision, pushing the psytrance envelope to new hights.
Raja Ram and the gang return with a different proposition. A new concept of expanded consciousness that does not stick to form but explores soundscapes in a new psychedelic light.

Cyberbabas with the inspired Vine of Souls, legendary Eat Static with the hypnotic Ancient Teachers Of Mankind, 1200 Micrograms with cyberpunk anthem Dances Between Worlds, Hujaboy with the retrodelic Voyages Into The Supernatural, Bulletproof with the futuristic The Serpent And The Healer and GMS with the most conformist track here Flesh Of The Gods get together to celebrate psychedelia like you never heard before.

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02 June 2006

VooV Experience festival in 2006

Don't forget this year's VooV Experience festival. This time VooV celebrates 15 years of existence in the psychedelic music scene in one of it's longest running major events. Germany's top trance festival never seizes to amaze and this year is not going to be an exception.
The DJ line up is an usually unknown and the festival takes place during August 11th until 13th in Putlitz, Germany.

Join everyone for three days of love, peace and dance in Europe's most established summer event.

Happy trancing, see you there.
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01 June 2006

Mida's mind goes Octav

Mida records has released a compilation somewhat tough to review. A broad mix of styles here that range from progressive, melodic to retro and deeply psychedelic.

Many fresh names including Protonica, Flip Flop, Snickers, Kybalion, Terance Spencer, Alphaspark, Izga and Everything is Possible (indeed).

Like God from Goe stands out for the powerful vocal and hypnotic melody. Also up there is Mind Intrance from Everything is Possible for its utterly bizarre twisted trip (seems influenced from earlier Australian trance).

Looking forward to more releases from this label.

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