04 June 2006

Turbo Trance Accelerator 3

Turbo Trance records Accelerator 3.0Charles Michaud aka Triptych presents Accelerator 3.0, the latest compilation from Turbo Trance records. This is a solid psytrance CD with new ideas and kicking beats.

Unbelieving Ecliptic is kicking off in style with ManMadeMan following with an uneventfull Strut. Tranan takes over with retrodelic Mental Expedition to be followed by ManMadeMan rolling out the powerdriven and full of surprises Karahana.
Triptych Numbers does a great job of injecting some strong psychedelic vibe back to this CD and Elec3 keeps it deep with the acid-fused Think Pink.
Mumbo Jumbo continue with some deep female vocals and cyberdelic melodies in futuristic Mirage.
Narcophone sneak into this compilation with the Vampire's Funk, a refreshing acidic affair with lots of new psy ideas. The CD comes to an end with a bizarre concept of breakfast from Pop Stream and Triptych in the morning trance anthem Beef.

All in all this is a good offering from Turbo Trance blending new elements with their fresh approach to the psychedelic sound.

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