26 June 2006

Chemical Playground

Chemical Crew - Chemical PlaygroundThe big psytrance guns are out again. Skazi's homegrown label Chemical Crew has launched a new sonic attack Chemical Playground.
You woudn't be surprised to see Skazi featured heavily here, the first time with the acid technoid Attack and the second time working with Tube on Dangerous. Tube have another high profile collaboration named Go Crazy, this time with psy trance veterans Kox-Box.
Void contributes with a track too dark for our liking.
Exaile add another classic guitar driven track titled Vilderness with their second contribution Psycreoes, a psychedelic affair with atmospheric elements worked with fellow trancers Paranormal Attack.
Psychotic Micro delivers the powerful Time Split and Star-X follows with the quircky Be Real.
Rocky rolls out the spacey Gioto and Mafia finish this compilation with maybe the best track called Breath.Chemical Crew records

Overall a very good CD but don't you think that Chemical Crew are repeating themselves a litle here?



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Good trance music/

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