03 June 2006

The Evolution Of Expanded Consciousness

The Evolution Of Expanded Consciousness TIPIt's very hard to ignore a TIP release. More so when the guru himself outputs his vision, pushing the psytrance envelope to new hights.
Raja Ram and the gang return with a different proposition. A new concept of expanded consciousness that does not stick to form but explores soundscapes in a new psychedelic light.

Cyberbabas with the inspired Vine of Souls, legendary Eat Static with the hypnotic Ancient Teachers Of Mankind, 1200 Micrograms with cyberpunk anthem Dances Between Worlds, Hujaboy with the retrodelic Voyages Into The Supernatural, Bulletproof with the futuristic The Serpent And The Healer and GMS with the most conformist track here Flesh Of The Gods get together to celebrate psychedelia like you never heard before.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

esta chido man

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

esta de pelos men

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

donde esta el link para bajar el cd

3:33 PM  

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