10 June 2006

Further Ambivalent Tendencies

Further Ambivalent Tendencies - Ambivalent recordsAmbivalent records has a new proposition with Further Ambivalent Tendencies, a tale of night time psychedelic trance from a pool of great artists.

The strangely named Serious Porn Collector opens up with a minimal night trance Bloodlines to be followed by heavy bass tripped out Tilt by Squid Inc. The same band delivers the third track, this time remixing Scorb in a militant and imposing psytrance journey Rave from the Grave.
Legendary trancers Deviant Species battle it out with Scorb to produce minimal psy darkster Jack the Kipper. Neural Rec Syn collaborate with F. E Ghost in Knocked Out Goner and Scorb come back, this time alone with the energetic running bassline and trippy fx Resonant Evil.
The biggest name here, Deviant Species contribute another techno trance tune titled Iophant. Good to see them back in form.
One before last comes insect sound driven Theme From 'Coles Law'DJ Yod rmx by Ram with Orzels Machine closing this compilation in style with funky and very dancefloor friendly Centrifuge.

Looking forward to more Ambivalent Tendencies.

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