27 April 2006

Dry Techno Trance Martini

If you are an old fan of X-Dream and Spirallianz then you might want to look out for the Rewired compilation by Jester records. This is not everyone's cup of tea but we see techno-trance as a branch of the wider psychedelic trance sound. Listening to this comp will confirm this.

Canadian DJ Clown brings together a blend of techno-trance flavours from old favourites Three Point Turn, well known Authentic and the legendary Spirallianz. Other talents include DJ Preach, Nuclear Ramjet, Kali Frogz, Triac, Tao, Metalogic, Hidra, Toltech and Axiomata.

Best tracks are the dark melodic anthems Les 3 Machines from Authentic and BP Talk from Spirallianz.
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