25 October 2009

Mechanik sound drowns in a Psycho Lab

Mechanik Records label manager, Insanix and Gill Beraud aka Hyper Frequencies present the second part of the 'Psycho Laboratory' compilation. They are doing a great job at combining a series of known players of their genre.

The productions are refined and even bands like Neuromotor have come a long way in their studios. The best tracks here include 'Nightwalk' from Decerto with a brilliant strong sound, Hyper Frequencies with 'Oxxo Mafia' and Painkiller with 'Net Cash'. Digital Talk vs Outer Signal have a major psytrance tune with the frantic 'Higher Dimension'.

Other artists include Cosmochaos, Akros, Crazy Lions Cult, Lost and Found, Z3ro and Random vs Sentient.

Strong dose of psytrance but worth buying this one?
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21 October 2009

Radical Toxic Alotment for Free

Free Radical Records 4th consecutive release is a compilation titled 'Toxic Allotment'. There is a no-nonsense approach to psychedelic trance music.

Most tracks run at seriously high speeds with signature fast baselines, often suffering from a lack of width and depth. The sounds are fairly familiar with some new ideas, mostly sticking to tried-and-tested formulas.

The music feels a little over-loaded with few breaks that can re-tune the dancer and allow him to breathe, so this is as full on as it can go.

The track that stands out by far is 'Chasm' by Spyrallus, both for the solid baseline and better production. It is a deep night-time driving song that leaves space and will satisfy any fan of this trance genre.

Overall maybe some interesting ideas but lack of production quality means a lot of it is not perhaps good enough for a great psytrance compilation.
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17 October 2009

Faders gives psychedelic Genesis for Utopia

Compiled by Faders, Utopia Records delivers 'Genesis', a psychedelic trance compilation with the latest work from established and new names.

The best tracks are delivered by new entrant Prospect with 'Break the Point', Audiotec vs Faders with 'World of Phantasy'. InterSys stand out with their production, melodies and structure of 'U Just Dance'. Delivers on all fronts for the dancefloor, this is the highlight.
The strongest track is delivered by Sundose with 'Rhythm of the Bass', an aggressive and impatient tune. 'Everything seems unreal' with Freaked Frequency, as they shine through the list of artists with a deep and mature track full of emotions and a steady drive. Magnificent.
Would be fair to also highlight a nice attempt from 3Fingers, fresh beats and ideas in their track 'Genesis' with a slightly more progressive flavour.

Other artists include Stereomatic and Soniq Vision.

Faders presents 9 previously unreleased tracks combining different styles from the stables of the psytrance scene and the compilation is worth checking out.

Tell us what you think.
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12 October 2009

New S.U.N. Project Remixes II out

You cannot look away when a pool of major artists get together to celebrate S.U.N. Project, one of the pioneers of guitar-filled psytrance when they are back with a compilation of remixes from some of their most famous tracks of all time.

Remixes II features many international trance acts, from the likes of Atomic Pulse, Bad Boys (Slider), DNA, Fatali, Freak Show, Insomnia, Neelix, Sesto Sento and others that have infused the old productions with some innovative and mostly powerful high-energy remixes.

Solar System have come up with one of the strongest tracks, a remix of well-known 'Let It Burn'. Maybe a close call but Spectral Hades are not far behind with their guitar-crazy remix of '380 Volt'.

Sesto Sento steal the show later with a great electro-fused remix of 'Wicked'. Some great ideas and lifts the mood up. Fatali have also come up with an innovative way to remix 'Computer Breath' into a much more relaxed progressive psychedelia affair. More great stuff from Dj Astralex featuring Roomnoise, this time remixing 'A Hard Ride' into a softer alternative listening. Innovative, yet still powerful. Slackjoint take a similar approach in remixing once again here '380 Volt' and very different from the Spectral Hades tune. A cleverly strong adaptation of the original, this track is also another interesting soundscape to listen to.

This compilation seems to be split into two. Starting off with the trademark full on style of trance maestros S.U.N. Project and then morphing into more experimental downbeat remixes. 

Which part was your favourite?  
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11 October 2009

The Bestiary from Dark Prisma

The Argentinian outfit Dark Prisma records presents The Bestiary, a dark and sinister tale of psytrance. It features a fusion of Argentinian, Mexican, American and Serbian artists.

There are some very obvious influences by the Russian psytrance movement here and most artists adhere to this style. Deep but also chaotic. Psychedelic but confusing.

Some Frantic Noise tracks touch on the randomness and psychedelic vibe of the great Australian pioneers of that sound and they deliver the favorite here Bastechno Beast.

Good effort from Arabali too, as they try to place Chuck u Farley on the dancefloor.

This compilation is psychedelic enough but does it belong on the dancefloor?
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08 October 2009

Spun records spins Back 2 the Future

Spun records pulls out the big guns with their latest compilation Back 2 The Future. The who's who of the hard psytrance scene is here.
To begin we have Logic Bomb smashing their way in with Earth Orbit (Soundaholic remix). Reminds a little of Etnica but develops in a strong and militant beat with deep floating sounds that implode along the way.

GMS fight it out with Dr. Hoffman (read previous post about his latest album) next. The clear production is dressed with melodies and psychedelic infused soundbytes to build up a monster of a track.

Shanti is next with Green Room, a decent tune with a slow build up delivering very powerful electro melodies with hard psytrance beats when it kicks back in.
Earthling vs Poli contribute with a less lively The Grasshopper. Special mention to Perplex that stands out with tech-house inspired, but still very psychedelic, Bad Habbits.

New boys in the hood Solar System remix Blind Spot by X-Noise and they make a great job to keep things fresh and clean. Te-Tuna disappoint with Sweepers. Animalis vs BioTouch have something better with Countdown.

Other artists include Last Man Standing, Cycle Sphere and Random vs Torin remixed by Kinesis vs. Mindstorm.

The start took me by storm but did you like the rest of the compilation?
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03 October 2009

Dr. Hoffman on Geomagnetic TV

For the die-hard psytrance traditionalists Geomagnetic TV is bringing you the debut album of Dr. Hoffman, Ride On. This is a homage to psychedelia from the 90s with the fractal structures and acid flavor some are used to.

There is no holding back from the outset with Ride On getting to the point and sticking with it. The next two tracks follow up with strong kick and bass lines, first Drop Out featuring Blue Lunar Monkey with it's twisted melodies and trippy feel and then Logic Crash with deeper melodies and a darker vibe.

Turbo charged psytrance all the way, but always with a twist. The psychosambadelic Trance Del Caribe Pt.2 is evidence of psychedelia creeping in and swirling you around. The euphoric melody is next with Mexican Acid and again the mood is old style trance with new beats and clear sounds. Kymatica is less impressive but can hold on its own. The Apics reminds of the earlier GMS sound and although a well put together track, it is less original.

The gangsta Don't mess with the Mafia is a strong track with the wrong attitude.
One before last Mutant Virus returns to the melodies and softens the mood to bring the compilation to a close with an energetic Jumpingjack, some fresh ideas and old melodies.

Overall a confusing album with peaks and lows. Worth listening to, worth supporting by buying?
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