12 October 2009

New S.U.N. Project Remixes II out

You cannot look away when a pool of major artists get together to celebrate S.U.N. Project, one of the pioneers of guitar-filled psytrance when they are back with a compilation of remixes from some of their most famous tracks of all time.

Remixes II features many international trance acts, from the likes of Atomic Pulse, Bad Boys (Slider), DNA, Fatali, Freak Show, Insomnia, Neelix, Sesto Sento and others that have infused the old productions with some innovative and mostly powerful high-energy remixes.

Solar System have come up with one of the strongest tracks, a remix of well-known 'Let It Burn'. Maybe a close call but Spectral Hades are not far behind with their guitar-crazy remix of '380 Volt'.

Sesto Sento steal the show later with a great electro-fused remix of 'Wicked'. Some great ideas and lifts the mood up. Fatali have also come up with an innovative way to remix 'Computer Breath' into a much more relaxed progressive psychedelia affair. More great stuff from Dj Astralex featuring Roomnoise, this time remixing 'A Hard Ride' into a softer alternative listening. Innovative, yet still powerful. Slackjoint take a similar approach in remixing once again here '380 Volt' and very different from the Spectral Hades tune. A cleverly strong adaptation of the original, this track is also another interesting soundscape to listen to.

This compilation seems to be split into two. Starting off with the trademark full on style of trance maestros S.U.N. Project and then morphing into more experimental downbeat remixes. 

Which part was your favourite?  
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Anonymous psytech said...

we grow up with this project :)

12:33 PM  

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