25 October 2009

Mechanik sound drowns in a Psycho Lab

Mechanik Records label manager, Insanix and Gill Beraud aka Hyper Frequencies present the second part of the 'Psycho Laboratory' compilation. They are doing a great job at combining a series of known players of their genre.

The productions are refined and even bands like Neuromotor have come a long way in their studios. The best tracks here include 'Nightwalk' from Decerto with a brilliant strong sound, Hyper Frequencies with 'Oxxo Mafia' and Painkiller with 'Net Cash'. Digital Talk vs Outer Signal have a major psytrance tune with the frantic 'Higher Dimension'.

Other artists include Cosmochaos, Akros, Crazy Lions Cult, Lost and Found, Z3ro and Random vs Sentient.

Strong dose of psytrance but worth buying this one?
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IS VERY GOOD..............................

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