17 October 2009

Faders gives psychedelic Genesis for Utopia

Compiled by Faders, Utopia Records delivers 'Genesis', a psychedelic trance compilation with the latest work from established and new names.

The best tracks are delivered by new entrant Prospect with 'Break the Point', Audiotec vs Faders with 'World of Phantasy'. InterSys stand out with their production, melodies and structure of 'U Just Dance'. Delivers on all fronts for the dancefloor, this is the highlight.
The strongest track is delivered by Sundose with 'Rhythm of the Bass', an aggressive and impatient tune. 'Everything seems unreal' with Freaked Frequency, as they shine through the list of artists with a deep and mature track full of emotions and a steady drive. Magnificent.
Would be fair to also highlight a nice attempt from 3Fingers, fresh beats and ideas in their track 'Genesis' with a slightly more progressive flavour.

Other artists include Stereomatic and Soniq Vision.

Faders presents 9 previously unreleased tracks combining different styles from the stables of the psytrance scene and the compilation is worth checking out.

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