10 November 2011

Magus - The Music That Never Was

After a long wait, the first Magus album 'The Music That Never Was' is out now.  This is a compilation of unreleased material from the Magus era.

The tracks are covering a wide range of the Greek band's music stages. Their unique style and sound is expressed across the compilation. From the early and raw 'Tura Buna Ce' and 'Liquid Mint' to the complex and industrial 'Something for Nothing'. Their weird style cemented by the dark-funk 'Nature in the Machine', made entirely with natural sounds, a milestone for the band's psychedelic exploration and non-conformist music approach.

This is as much as 'full on' psychedelia you can get, but in an entirely different sense that many people would perceive it as. The psychedelic element is constant, from the off-beat percussions to the passing sound effects, an orchestrated chaos. Playing on emotions and aimed at total disorientation, trance in strong doses.

It might take a couple of times of listening to get used to tracks like the dry metalic 'Huspetakel' which signalled the progress and perhaps simplification of the Magus music arrangements in the late stages of their relatively short career.

So if you are into ever-changing beats, strange melodies and mind boggling sounds, then this might be the right album for you.

You can preview 'The Music That Never Was' on iTunes.
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15 July 2011

Psytrance video: Sheyba - Trance Africa Express

If you were lucky enough to be listening to the DJ sets of Mike Maguire of Juno Reactor fame, during 1995 you would have heard him play this, alongside some of the greatest tunes ever to be released in the psytrance music scene. Trance Africa Express is a real gem from Sheyba.

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24 June 2011

Psytrance video: Astrix - Optical Vibes

One of the classics from Astrix. A great example of morning psychedelic trance. Enjoy.

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14 June 2011

Bliss on Azax in Round 2

Drive records release an album from Azax and Bliss titled Round II. The Israeli duo are delivering a mix of psytrance tunes that you will either love or hate.

The album does not start very well with 'Fight no more', a great title but this is all that is great about this track. Next, things start to liven up with Stolen Mind from Bliss. The pattern of good tunes follows throughout for Bliss also with the techy Abed 51 and Warriors.

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04 June 2011

Psytrance video: Magus - Tura Buna Ce

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27 May 2011

Solar Tech experience Solar Waves 2

DJ Natron introduces the second part of the Solar Waves compilation with 9 previously unreleased psytrance tracks. Solar Tech records continues to support the psychedelic trance underground scene with an album combining established and new artists.

From the opening How to Psy Trance to the closing Master Kush, both from Waio, the tracks all nurture great productions, flowing psychedelic patterns, running baselines and solid rhythms suited for the night time dancefloor.
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20 May 2011

Psytrance video: Etnica - Trip Tonite

The track, part of the Blue Room records Alien Protein album, ignited a global religion in 1996 from the Italian Etnica. The milestone of all goa trance in 9 minutes, Trip Tonite. The mesmerizing melodies born by the quarter of Lafranconi, Begotti, Paterno and Rizzo made an everlasting impression to the minds of trancers globally. The mystical but so calm sounds gave birth to a new form of spiritual psychedelic trance that we still cherish.

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13 May 2011

2009 Pisces watching Geomagnetic TV

DJ Michael Liu, founder of Illumination Records, leads the USA-based San Francisco trance producers to Pisces 2009, a compilation of craft and creative sounds.

The music compilation is based on the legendary Pisces Gatherings in San Francisco, California, whilst the cover is supplied by Chris Olerich from Santa Barbara.

Beware, this is no ordinary psytrance compilation but rather a blend of sounds across the musical spectrum of the San Fran underground scene.
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07 May 2011

Psytrance video: Total Eclipse - Can't do that

Another journey of what music used to be. The immortal Total Eclipse in one of their most classic masterpieces. Enjoy.

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30 April 2011

In Lak'ech from Mexican Tzolkin

There is more psytrance chaos coming to your speakers from the Mexico based Tzolkin Records in the new compilation In Lak'ech. DJ Glin.K and DJ Arlkin have put together a blend of the latest in Mexican and South African trance artists. 

The tracks are fast, deep, dark and belong to the middle of the night when things get really chaotic. Production could be better, so there is much room for improvement for what has started as a really promising project from the country of Mexico. As the local scene is growing, we should expect even more from this part of the world soon.
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24 April 2011

Psytrance video: Magus - Oxymorous

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15 April 2011

Acid Monkey Save the Planet in London

Established UK party outfit Acid Monkey are organising a trance music fest in London on the 23rd of April 2011 in an unconfirmed location.

Legendary psytrance DJ Kostas 'Lory' Kanlis aka Archaic from Greece is headlining the event with a live set showcasing his latest tracks. Archaic has risen to great prominence in the scene after a string of underground releases that seem to have taken the world by storm. With a DJ career spanning over 17 years and an influence on many psytrance acts from Greece, this does not come as a surprise. 

Other live psytrance acts appearing include Tristan, Ocelot, Savage Circuit, Killerwatts, M-Theory and Beardy. DJs Avalon, Nigel Tav and Andre Ground complete the line-up on the main psychedelic trance arena.
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08 April 2011

Psytrance video: Juno Reactor - Conga Fury

For those that remember and all the others discovering the mighty Juno Reactor in one of their most significant EPs for psychedelic trance music. The organic elements of the sound create a tribal atmosphere characteristic of the beginnings of psytrance before reaching global appeal:

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01 April 2011

Digital Om is the Universal Religion

Very few good trance compilations around these days but luckily Indian record label Digital Om Productions have come up with their 2011 psytrance compilation Universal Religion.

A good blend of old and new psytrance with crisp productions across all the tracks, make for an interesting selection. The most defining moments come from:
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26 March 2011

Psytrance video: Archaic - Visionary plants

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19 March 2011

The Trimurti Avenue

The debut for Trimurti Records comes in the form of a compilation dedicated to the June 2010 Lunar Eclipse festival in Russia. Trimurti Avenue is not your typical psychedelic music compilation. 

At first, you might think that this is another progressive record. However after more careful inspection, you find the depth and psychedelic elements mixed with melodic sounds for that perfect dance floor buzz. The positive vibes oozing out of this compilation are truly infectious.

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15 March 2011

Psytrance video: X-Dream - Panic in Paradise

For those that remember and for those that did not know. The legendary X-Dream perform a defining track for psychedelic trance worldwide.

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06 March 2011

We love trance fast and furious

The latest compilation by Phantasm records has certainly caught the eye. 'We Love Trance' is an anthemic, in-your-face blast of psytrance melodies and fast beats.

Compiled by Davina aka DJ Massive, she personally contributes a remix on 1200 Micrograms, collaborations with Bamboo Forest and 220V and has one of her tracks remixed by CPU. The Cycle Sphere remix of Ibiza Osaka from Massive vs 220V is possibly one of the most innovative.
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01 March 2011

Psytrance party in Guatemala

If you live, or happen to be in Guatemala on Saturday 5th of March 2011, watch out for the Neon Candy Party. The psytrance floor line up features many names from the international psytrance scene such as Menog (Portugal), Tryambaka (Portugal), Brain Hunters (Mexico), Chilango (Mexico), Ali (Italia), Marcodelix (Finlandia), NXSO (Guatemala), Phobial Macabre (Guatemala) and Dirty Phreak (Guatemala).

The Progressive Floor will feature Dj Casta (Guatemala), Dj Byron Rod (Guatemala), Dj Diego (Guatemala), Dj Chily (Guatemala), Dj Edgar Pinzon (Guatemala), Dj Mickey Franco (Guatemala), Dj Franke D (Guatemala) and DASCH (Guatemala).

Have a great time and please comment if you happen to go.
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19 February 2011

Rhythm Selector from Phacelift

Phacelift has a brand new release titled Rhythm Selector. It is a departure from the latest progressive tracks and the sound here is harder, darker and high energy.

The track starts with mysterious monk vocals and kicks off right from the start. Dancefloor groove is provided by the bottom end and the constant atmospheric sounds and melodies set the mood. It is a back to the basics effort with a modern psy twist. It will remind you of older tracks but it is original. Unlike other Phacelift tracks there is nostalgic use of lead sounds, with running baselines & percussion throughout the track.
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