19 March 2011

The Trimurti Avenue

The debut for Trimurti Records comes in the form of a compilation dedicated to the June 2010 Lunar Eclipse festival in Russia. Trimurti Avenue is not your typical psychedelic music compilation. 

At first, you might think that this is another progressive record. However after more careful inspection, you find the depth and psychedelic elements mixed with melodic sounds for that perfect dance floor buzz. The positive vibes oozing out of this compilation are truly infectious.

The great thing about this CD is that all the artists are trying to make a difference. They use old ingredients to synthesize a new blend of twisted, yet positive music. There are many good tracks to choose from, perhaps more than most of the compilations reviewed in the last 6 months.

Psychomental with Can't Close, Sonic Species with Machina Terra, Ninjazz with Feel the Groove and Pantomiman with the self-titled track. Other very notable artists featured here include: Gaiana, Anix Gleo, Saikozaurus, Zumi, Stereographic and Magic Forest.

This one is to watch out for in 2011.
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