30 April 2011

In Lak'ech from Mexican Tzolkin

There is more psytrance chaos coming to your speakers from the Mexico based Tzolkin Records in the new compilation In Lak'ech. DJ Glin.K and DJ Arlkin have put together a blend of the latest in Mexican and South African trance artists. 

The tracks are fast, deep, dark and belong to the middle of the night when things get really chaotic. Production could be better, so there is much room for improvement for what has started as a really promising project from the country of Mexico. As the local scene is growing, we should expect even more from this part of the world soon.
Brain Hunters set the tone with a daring live version of Cause and Effect. More deep psychedelic madness follows from Dirty Motion with Juice. Strong beats and manic riffs from Hiyarant with Always and Rubix Cube reaching a metal-like climax with their imposing Demon Speeding rmx.
Science and Technology from Frozen Ghost follows through with some utopic sounds, whilst Shadai and TDR are having fun constructing the mind-boggling Lori Yagami. Undertaker remixes Erofex with the best produced track titled Neuroforce. Z3RO, Remove & Hyperactive join forces to create Arabronx and Alien vs Remove wrap up with Active Substance

Looking forward to hear what you thought about this Mexican encounter.
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