06 March 2011

We love trance fast and furious

The latest compilation by Phantasm records has certainly caught the eye. 'We Love Trance' is an anthemic, in-your-face blast of psytrance melodies and fast beats.

Compiled by Davina aka DJ Massive, she personally contributes a remix on 1200 Micrograms, collaborations with Bamboo Forest and 220V and has one of her tracks remixed by CPU. The Cycle Sphere remix of Ibiza Osaka from Massive vs 220V is possibly one of the most innovative.

XSI present the retro electro mix Once Again, whilst impressive tracks from Deedrah, District 42 and Creative. Even the usually mediocre Shanti has a great track with Electronic Sympathies.

A fantastic selection of tracks from Massive. We love trance.
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