13 May 2011

2009 Pisces watching Geomagnetic TV

DJ Michael Liu, founder of Illumination Records, leads the USA-based San Francisco trance producers to Pisces 2009, a compilation of craft and creative sounds.

The music compilation is based on the legendary Pisces Gatherings in San Francisco, California, whilst the cover is supplied by Chris Olerich from Santa Barbara.

Beware, this is no ordinary psytrance compilation but rather a blend of sounds across the musical spectrum of the San Fran underground scene.
Psytrance fans will enjoy the second part of the compilation starting with tracks from Deedrah and Code IV. Towards the end some great deliveries from the lesser known Random Rob-Ot and Carlos Alfonso.

Despite the difference in style some might like the very notable acid electro trance flavour of Gabriel Black, Hyzer, Bird of Prey, dark and distorted Catharsis and Mr Rogers.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought this looked like a "fish n trips album" for a second then :)

11:44 AM  

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