15 April 2011

Acid Monkey Save the Planet in London

Established UK party outfit Acid Monkey are organising a trance music fest in London on the 23rd of April 2011 in an unconfirmed location.

Legendary psytrance DJ Kostas 'Lory' Kanlis aka Archaic from Greece is headlining the event with a live set showcasing his latest tracks. Archaic has risen to great prominence in the scene after a string of underground releases that seem to have taken the world by storm. With a DJ career spanning over 17 years and an influence on many psytrance acts from Greece, this does not come as a surprise. 

Other live psytrance acts appearing include Tristan, Ocelot, Savage Circuit, Killerwatts, M-Theory and Beardy. DJs Avalon, Nigel Tav and Andre Ground complete the line-up on the main psychedelic trance arena.

The progressive dancefloor will feature Sofire, Rebel Hi-Fi, Wicki, Neutrino and many others. The line up for the Chill Lounge includes Kokerboom, Warp Technique, Jasper, Justin Chaos, Aliji, Zizou, Feather and Nick Satta. 

Don't miss it if you are in London.
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Blogger Effervescent Elizabeth said...

Ah, wish I could have gone.

Just found your blog - I'm enjoying it immensely. Good to see people enthusiastic about trance.


4:50 AM  
Blogger PsyTrance Music said...

We learned that the party was cancelled unfortunately, due to police intervention.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous i doser free doses said...

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5:36 PM  

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