15 July 2006

Yellow Explosion Tranceformers

Tranceformer - Yellow Sunshine ExplosionAnders Nillson aka Chromosome from Sweden is on a quest to shape the progressive Goa Trance sound. Yellow Sunshine Explosion is providing the platform for a compilation bridging the old sound with a new perspective.

The result is Tranceformer, a journey into the morning sound of psychedelic trance. Slower pace, crystal leads and soothing sounds with the basslines in turbo mode.

Tracks that stand out from Zekazy - Worker Or Whacko, Deedrah with Take It Or Leave It and Endorian with The Only Braincell Left (where did the others go?).
Galactika and Alexander Ligowski make a great appearance in Escape from Heaven and Chromosome (who is heavily featured here) with the last track Genetic Superstar.

Other artists include Ibojima and S Range.

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