14 July 2006

Cryptographic Medusa

Medusa records Cryptographic CDMedusa Records releases Cryptographic and wishes you a pleasant journey into new musical dimensions.
The label was born in 2006 in Athens, Greece.
Medusa specialize in full-on electronic music and the style is evident across this CD.
Some people call this Full-On and others Turbo Trance. Whatever name you choose, this a powerful selection of high energy tracks from some fresh talent.

Inneraction kick off in style with Drops of Sunshine with a daring sample on mass produced high-grade naughtiness in San Fransisco (hmmm).
Beyondecliptica take it one step further with well crafted Medusa Part I.
Painkiller go to great lenghts to deliver Electrical Charge (the guys using the latest technology in the war on headache).
Xenzodia storm in with a classic psytrance dance anthem titled The Seed Of Etzab13.
Bio Genesis contribute the suprisingly well structured Harmonic Chaos.
Horus obsessing with Telepathic Power in a melodic sea of strong bass and dominant leads.
Far Far Away comes from Earthling vs DJ Torry in the darkest - but not too dark - moment of this CD.

A special mention to System Brothers that manage to deliver a classic Fresh Memory. A 2006 retrospective look into trance with influences from Paul Oakenfold, Man With No Name and the early Etnica. Great track.
JP ends this compilation with a bang by attacking your senses with Power Mesh. This is another high-energy trancer in fast BPM and full sound.

You could say that Medusa doesn't take big risks here but manages to deliver what it promises: Strong full on trance.

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