12 July 2006

New TIP World Supervision DVD

TIP World Supervision trance DVDWe are entering a new era, proclaims the new DVD compilation by TIP World, the UK psytrance label introducing Supervision, a multimedia psychedelic experience.
The compilation contains all the goodies you would expect from TIP.
An impressive line up featuring 1200 Micrograms, Astrix and Atomic Pulse, Save the Robot, the Johann Bley 'hit' Come Up To The Lab and The First Revelation by trance legends Eat Static.
Also expect a Brahma art gallery and an interview with the one and only Raja Ram.

The world of psytrance is not strange to multimedia releases. People have been experimenting with different media, in music presentation and light effects, since 1994. However the big labels have recently decided to roll out DVD in the market.
Music is music and although video clips and moving images won't make it better, they can give you a more intimate experience watching the artist in a party playing live for example.
Others would argue that good music doesn't need the ketchup.
I say that change and variation can be a recipe for things more 'psychedelic'.
What do you think?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

DVDs are cool, I like it

11:28 PM  

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