22 January 2006

DJ Xavier's Black Solstice

Talking about monster compilations here is some food for thought.

Solstice presents Solstice Black, a compilation put together by DJ Xavier.

Now Mr Xavier since his early days with Blue Room records - and their legendary parties with Dino Psaras, X-Dream and a string of other early mega trance artists - was never your everyday DJ. Not afraid to mix subliminal breaks and fresh sounds to his sets, was always considered a pioneer, always pushing the boundaries of the psychedelic sound forward.
So its a nice surprise to see that Mr Xavier is doing still to this day, just that.

Pushing the music we love forward.

Featuring some of the most influential artists in the global psychedelic scene, he puts together a truly psychedelic experience rarely to be found in modern trance compilations.

Eat Static open this CD with their complex, break driven and cleverly named Xeno-Phonic.
With Control-F things are getting serious here. A dark techno slap in you face, that doesn't miss all the vital psychedelic elements to make it a sweaty party stormer.
X-Dream take one step further with Insanity and its catchy female vocal mumbling away things, well about insanity!
The Koxbox track somehow stands out as it offers a different flavour.
CJ Bolland bombs the ears with his dark acid Mole Patrol to only be followed by an unusual, but more than welcome trance legend in Thomas P. Heckmann.
For many people who are not familiar with Mr Heckmann his sound does not strictly adhere to the psytrance scene, however he has written some truly psychedelic monsters in his long acid techno career. Prepare to be surprised.
Ex-Emperion Kloq drive the story deeper into acid trance mayhem with Kloq Music 2 and Prime Suspect follow with a deep tribal rhythmic killer.
Surprise again, Synthetic present their most innovative work to date with Evil Thing. They take your mind to some dark places with this slow and chaotic heavy track.

Finally a truly glorious end to this CD comes with an X-Dream rmx to a Juno Reactor track titled Angel and Men. This one is definitely anything closer to the near-religious vibe of the first psytrance parties. Magnificent!

Even if you are not a great fan of experimental psytrance listen to this CD. It is truly psychedelic and will bring your ears closer to higher planes of consciousness.
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