22 January 2006

Neurobiotic Neo Caine

The name of an anasthetic lends its name to this new compilation by Neurobiotic records.
Don't despair though. There is nothing anasthetic to the music of this CD.

Big names parade with newcomers in a well put together psy trance offering.
From the complex and mysterious psychedelic sounds of Tristan and Prometheus, the full on atmospheric psychedelia of Silicon Sound remixing Pixel and the new psytrance blaster collaboration between Pixel and Wrecked Machines there is something for everyone here.

Jaia also stands out with Electricity, a morning melodic smoothie although Orion fails to impress this time.

This new full on progressive mix-mash will leave you with a good taste in your mouth and somewhat richer in the brain.

Other artists here include Allaby, Zen Mechanics, Polaris, Tikal and Altom.

Definetly one to buy and not to copy... :)
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