23 July 2006

Zoom Open Air Festival 2006

Zoom open air festival 2006It seems that quality and not quantity characterises this year's ZOOM Open Air Cybertrance Festival in Winterthur Töss, Switzerland that starts at the 12th of August.

An amazing line-up of artists in a beautiful location will surely be the perfect mix for a great psychedelic experience.

Live artists include the Brazilian psytrance superstar Wrecked Machines (Spun rec.), Israeli DNA (Phonokol), Swedish master trancers Ticon (Digital Structures), Panick (Neurobiotic) and German outfit Meller (Tribal Vision).

The DJ line up is equally impressive with Goblin (Psysex), progressive psytrance maestro Mapusa Mapusa, L'Elf from Turbotrance records and many others.

Looking forward to the comments and pictures from all the lucky boys and girls that will make it!
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22 July 2006

Thank you for reading

PsyTrance Music was launched one year ago from a small group of friends to discuss the music we love. Some of us have a lengthy DJ and music production background, others are manic music collectors or just crazy psychedelic trance fans.

We had a look at the website stats and were amazed to see over 6,000 people from 115 countries reading the news and reviews every month. So we felt like saying a big THANK YOU to all of you that read and comment and keep coming back for more.
We would love to hear from you about what you want to read more about or anything else that you like or dislike about this blog.

Hope that you are having as much fun reading as we do writing.

Love and light

PsyTrance Music

The PsyTrance music blog is all about publicising the music and not ourselves, hence the lack of names or personal profiles. We hope that you don’t mind the ads. We make enough for a new original CD every month so it all goes back to the music.
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Underwater Overground Croatia 2006

The battle of the summer music festivals continues, this time with the fourth installment of the Underwater Overground psytrance event in Pula, Croatia between the 24th and 31st of July 2006.Psytrance music festival in CroatiaSome of the live acts to look forward to would be Beat Bizzare, Vibrasphere, BLT, Sensient, The Commercial Hippies, Funky Dragon and Tron amongst others.
There is going to be DJ sets from Kristian (Transient records), Betty (Gypsy Trance Mafia), Sensient, Banel (Iboga), Tron (Mexico) and many others.

Please send us some stories and pictures if you make it.
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15 July 2006

Yellow Explosion Tranceformers

Tranceformer - Yellow Sunshine ExplosionAnders Nillson aka Chromosome from Sweden is on a quest to shape the progressive Goa Trance sound. Yellow Sunshine Explosion is providing the platform for a compilation bridging the old sound with a new perspective.

The result is Tranceformer, a journey into the morning sound of psychedelic trance. Slower pace, crystal leads and soothing sounds with the basslines in turbo mode.

Tracks that stand out from Zekazy - Worker Or Whacko, Deedrah with Take It Or Leave It and Endorian with The Only Braincell Left (where did the others go?).
Galactika and Alexander Ligowski make a great appearance in Escape from Heaven and Chromosome (who is heavily featured here) with the last track Genetic Superstar.

Other artists include Ibojima and S Range.

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14 July 2006

Cryptographic Medusa

Medusa records Cryptographic CDMedusa Records releases Cryptographic and wishes you a pleasant journey into new musical dimensions.
The label was born in 2006 in Athens, Greece.
Medusa specialize in full-on electronic music and the style is evident across this CD.
Some people call this Full-On and others Turbo Trance. Whatever name you choose, this a powerful selection of high energy tracks from some fresh talent.

Inneraction kick off in style with Drops of Sunshine with a daring sample on mass produced high-grade naughtiness in San Fransisco (hmmm).
Beyondecliptica take it one step further with well crafted Medusa Part I.
Painkiller go to great lenghts to deliver Electrical Charge (the guys using the latest technology in the war on headache).
Xenzodia storm in with a classic psytrance dance anthem titled The Seed Of Etzab13.
Bio Genesis contribute the suprisingly well structured Harmonic Chaos.
Horus obsessing with Telepathic Power in a melodic sea of strong bass and dominant leads.
Far Far Away comes from Earthling vs DJ Torry in the darkest - but not too dark - moment of this CD.

A special mention to System Brothers that manage to deliver a classic Fresh Memory. A 2006 retrospective look into trance with influences from Paul Oakenfold, Man With No Name and the early Etnica. Great track.
JP ends this compilation with a bang by attacking your senses with Power Mesh. This is another high-energy trancer in fast BPM and full sound.

You could say that Medusa doesn't take big risks here but manages to deliver what it promises: Strong full on trance.

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13 July 2006

Trip for the Wicked

Trantrumm records has released Peace for the Wicked, a compilation featuring the disctinct edgy underground sound of Moscow.
The usual suspects deliver tracks lost in a spiral with twists and turns sometimes digging too deep in the trip psyche.

The CD is a showcase of a collaboration between Kin Dza Dza and Moscow resident psychedelist Psykovsky, under the alias Osom.
Other artists include Matutero, Cosmo, Da Furious and Technology To Develop.

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12 July 2006

New TIP World Supervision DVD

TIP World Supervision trance DVDWe are entering a new era, proclaims the new DVD compilation by TIP World, the UK psytrance label introducing Supervision, a multimedia psychedelic experience.
The compilation contains all the goodies you would expect from TIP.
An impressive line up featuring 1200 Micrograms, Astrix and Atomic Pulse, Save the Robot, the Johann Bley 'hit' Come Up To The Lab and The First Revelation by trance legends Eat Static.
Also expect a Brahma art gallery and an interview with the one and only Raja Ram.

The world of psytrance is not strange to multimedia releases. People have been experimenting with different media, in music presentation and light effects, since 1994. However the big labels have recently decided to roll out DVD in the market.
Music is music and although video clips and moving images won't make it better, they can give you a more intimate experience watching the artist in a party playing live for example.
Others would argue that good music doesn't need the ketchup.
I say that change and variation can be a recipe for things more 'psychedelic'.
What do you think?
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09 July 2006

Psy Monkey Mushy Mission

Mushy records - Monkey MissionMushy records is gaining ground, rising by carefully choosing new talent and new sound. The label is back bigger, better and more mature. Their vision is, not to follow others but to set the pace. The new compilation Monkey Mission reflects that and delivers tracks with outstanding sound, great production quality and fresh ideas.

(who has compiled this CD) kicks off with Monkey Mission, a heavy affair with guitars ripping away.
Borderline follow with a stormer trance bassline and powerful leads in After Shock.
Next In-Panic is back with Bubble collaborating in Imitation of Life, another turbo trance track for the high-energy dancefloor.
Chemical Logic feature Anti Gravity, a hypnotic melody with agressive percussion and dominant beats. Will keep you moving and grooving.
Ellis Vanghoul delivers a retro sounding and a little average Nerdlead.
Bubble is here again getting together with Mojo Jojo in the tripped out (but bizzarly named) Time to Kill (brrrrr, no thanks).
The third track from In-Panic vs Rewind Evolution is possibly his best entry with a futuristic and cleverly sampled I'm burning.
Night Vision have New Vision. Some quircky bass twists here blending in with atmospheric sounds and a morning slower pace vibe.
Bubble has the last say with Hour of Power, the most experimental track of this compilation. Slow moving beat and a great female vocal accompany this psy-electro groove surprise.

Well worth having.
Hope that you agree.

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01 July 2006

BOOM psytrance festival 2006

Boom festival 2006 flyerBOOM Festival Portugal 2006The BOOM festival is back this year in Portugal with a promising set-up including a new sound system and a great range of performances.

The event runs from the 3rd to the 9th of August 2006 and although the line-up has not been announced yet, you are to expect most of the usual big names that rock psytrance dancefloors worldwide.

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